Visiting The Hermitage for Presidents’ Day and Black History Month

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The Hermitage offers meaningful travel experiences for Presidents’ Day, Black History Month and beyond. 

Travel industry trends are showing a growing interest in “experience travel.” This ranges from heritage travel to cultural and educational experiences that enrich our connections to places and historic sites. To do this at historically significant times of year makes the experience all the more meaningful.

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As travelers look for more fulfilling experiences, the Presidents’ Day holiday weekend, as well as Black History Month throughout February and the Spring travel season ahead, present opportunities to seek out destinations that educate us, enlighten us, and connect us through our shared history. 

The three-day federal holiday weekend commemorating Presidents’ Day (Feb. 19) is an opportunity for a meaningful travel experience connected to our nation’s history.  Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, home of America’s seventh president and a 1,120-acre National Historic Landmark, offers visitors an authentic look at Jackson’s life from 1804 until his death in 1845.

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The main mansion, Jackson’s personal residence at The Hermitage, is authentically preserved and maintained. Costumed interpreters lead visitors through the house, in which more than 80 percent of the objects are original to Jackson’s lifetime. On the surrounding property are the humble log homes where the enslaved community lived.

February is Black History Month, giving visitors another timely opportunity to visit and pay homage to the enslaved people at The Hermitage by learning their stories. On Feb. 24, visitors can participate in the Enslaved Memorial Service, an annual commemoration of those once enslaved at The Hermitage and throughout the country. Held at The Hermitage Church (constructed in 1839) the service will feature music by The Eagle Honor Choir from Andrew Jackson Elementary School and special remarks from Vanderbilt University Professor Brandon R. Byrd. Attendees will join in a procession to the slavery memorial behind the church where 150 flowers will be laid to honor to the names of all those known to have been enslaved at The Hermitage.

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Andrew Jackson’s birthday, celebrating his 257th on March 15, is another opportunity for families, school groups and history buffs to include a visit to The Hermitage in their spring break travel plans.

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And on April 6, The Hermitage hosts Sip of History, a ticketed whiskey tasting event featuring 25 Tennessee distillers, a nod to Jackson’s well-known affinity for whiskey-making. There will also be offerings from local breweries and winemakers, as well as food, live music and dog-friendly activities.

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In addition, 2024 is historically significant as it marks the 200th anniversary of Andrew Jackson’s first presidential campaign against John Quincy Adams in 1824. Jackson lost to Adams, but won in a rematch in 1828 that bears resemblance to the presidential campaign rematch of 2024. The Jackson-Adams campaigns were the precursors to modern presidential campaigning, rife with personal attacks and scandalous accusations. Throughout his political career and his time as president, Jackson always looked forward to returning to life at The Hermitage.

First opened to the public in 1889, The Hermitage is one of the largest historic landmarks in the U.S. and one of the nation’s most popular presidential homesites. As families, friends, clubs and school groups look for meaningful travel destinations, The Hermitage offers authentic, memorable experiences that connect us all. 

Visiting The Hermitage

You can plan on visiting The Hermitage almost any time of the year, but making plans for Black History Month, Presidents’ Day, or Sip of History, you will find a lot of special events during this time. 

I did get to tour  The Hermitage a little while back and enjoyed exploring and learning more about Andrew Jackson, his family, his home, and history.  Read about my visit HERE.

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