Titanic Museum Attraction – Dive Into the Past in Pigeon Forge

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The Titanic Museum attraction in Pigeon Forge offers an amazing deep dive into one of history’s most iconic ships and the tragedy that befell it. If you’ve seen the movie, believe me, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as it were.

The museum offers visitors the true story of this magnificent, if ill-fated ship, its passengers, and crew, and much more. We recently enjoyed an interactive experience at the museum while we were visiting Pigeon Forge, and let me tell you, it was the most enjoyable and immersive historical experience I’ve enjoyed at a museum in a long time. 

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A quick note – photos aren’t allowed on the first floor.  You see what travel could have been like, such as how much coal it took to run the ship.  The timeline of the design to the build to the launch.  Of course, for me, I saw many photos of dinner and serving ware.  I didn’t sneak a photo either.  I abide by the rules when there is a no photo or not video policy.

The Titanic Museum was founded by John Joslyn, an explorer and historian with more knowledge of the ship than almost anyone else. The wreckage of the Titanic was discovered in 1985, and in 1987, Joslyn assembled an expeditionary team to explore the iconic shipwreck.

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Over the course of 44 days, the team made 32 dives in their 20-million-dollar submersible, capturing hundreds of hours of ghost-like images that created the framework of the famous two-hour television special “Return to Titanic… Live!”. 

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The museum also addresses the history of the Titanic with its historical facts and by debunking historical myths. For example, many people don’t realize that the crew only had 37 seconds to act after seeing the iceberg that would ultimately sink the vessel. In addition, many of the scenes in the movie aren’t thought to have happened.

It was a clear night.

titanic museum pigeon forge clear night 37 seconds
Clear Night Aboard The Titanic
titanic museum pigeon forge 37 seconds
Only 37 Seconds

The film’s reality is that, while it is a compelling and well-made movie, it is highly inaccurate. And did you know that some significant historical figures would have met the same fate as the rest of the passengers of the Titanic had they boarded? J P Morgan and Milton Hershey had tickets but did not set sail on that fateful voyage. 

In addition to capturing amazing images of the vessel, the team also retrieved and cataloged all manner of artifacts, many of which are now on display at the museum. These artifacts are one of the core components of the museum, offering a glimpse into the life and times of the ship, its passengers, and its crew. An interesting note is that some artifacts even have an included estimation of what they would be valued in today’s prices, which I found intriguing. The employees also stay in character when speaking to visitors, which further adds to the museum’s immersive experience. 

titanic museum pigeon forge my home and travels life vest
Life Vest

Throughout the Titanic experience, visitors will be treated to all kinds of facts that they would almost never know otherwise. For example, did you know that there were 100,000 people gathered in Belfast to watch the launch of the ship. 

Did You Survive?

Upon entry, you are given a boarding pass with a name and details of a passenger.  I was given Mary Hewlett, age 56, and Don was given Master Albert Peacock, age 7 months.  You learn toward the end of your tour if you survived or not.

titanic museum pigeon forge my home and travels boarding pass
Boarding Passes

You will find displays of all aboard The Titanic including First Class, Second Class, Third Class and Crew.  Look for your name on these to learn your fate.  The Class is listed on the boarding pass.

titanic museum pigeon forge first class passenger list
First Class Passenger List

I survived but unfortunately Don did not.

titanic museum pigeon forge my home and travels mary hewlett

Along the way of the tour, you will find stories by the actual survivors. 

titanic museum pigeon forge my home and travels survivor story
Survivors Stories

We spoke to Sister Pat who was full of stories about many of the guests, including survivors.  She stated there was a lot of guilt among the survivors and they didn’t speak of it, some all of their life.  She had even had ancestors of passengers on her tours.

titanic museum pigeon forge sister pat
Sister Pat

Could you be related to a passenger of The Titanic?  Go to ENCYCLOPEDIA TITANICA and do some exploring.  This can then be verified by the Historical Society and you will be notified. 

Notable Titanic Museum Attraction Facts

Among the many artifacts showcased at the museum are some of especially important significance. For example, after the death of Father Brown, a Titanic survivor, in 1960, a trunk of negatives was found in his home. These are the only known photos to exist of the actual voyage. There is also a photo of a little boy, again, the only known photo of a child on the ship. He survived but, tragically, was killed three years later when he was hit by a car.  (This story was noted on first floor so no photo available)

Dinnerware didn’t have The Titanic logo on them, instead had White Star Line so they could be used on all their ships.

There are also many documents and historical period pieces that offer a unique look into the era. 

Kid Friendly

While adult history buffs will thoroughly enjoy the exhibits, the museum didn’t stop there. They also strive to make learning about the Titanic accessible to children, as well. They offer an interactive, kid-friendly Titanic experience.

titanic museum pigeon forge kid area

You will also get a close up view of the world’s largest LEGO Titanic Ship.  Measuring 26’ long and containing over 56,000 LEGO Bricks.

titanic museum pigeon forge titanic ship
LEGO Titanic Ship
titanic museum pigeon forge close up titanic LEGO ship
Close Up – LEGO Titanic Ship

Right now, the museum is honoring the 135 children that were on board the ship, offering a unique child’s perspective into the last days of the ship.

The museum is also paying tribute to the 187 Irish on board with a collection of Irish Fairy cottages and wearing green throughout the month to honor the Irish men and women on board who lost their lives.  Each cottage took an average of 45 hours to create.

titanic museum pigeon forge fairy cottage
Fairy Cottages
titanic museum pigeon forge wearing vest
Honoring the Irish

Another point to note is that you can also experience the museum in Branson, Missouri. Joslyn has also set up a museum there, offering many of the same experiences for those who happen to be in the area. 

A Sweet Treat

One of the newest openings in the Pigeon Forge area is the Titanic Frozen Custard & Chocolate Attraction.

Frozen Custard Shop
titanic museum pigeon forge frozen custard
Inside view of Custard Shop

You do not have to have a ticket for the Titanic Museum to partake in the heavenly delights you will find here.  From a scoop of ice cream to an over the top sundae to a variety of chocolates. 

Make sure you stop at least once, or more for a sweet treat.

Visit the Titanic Museum Attraction

If you’re in the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee or Branson, Missouri areas, I highly suggest taking advantage of the Titanic Museum attraction. This museum offers one of the most in-depth Titanic experiences and uses an interactive approach to make your visit all the more memorable. I learned so much and had a lot of fun doing it, and I think you will, as well. 

Find all the admission prices and hours HERE

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  1. That looks like a fascinating museum. And being given the personal details of the people involved makes it feel very real. I’ve been to the Titanic museum in Belfast, were the Titanic was built. That’s a great museum too. More so about the building of the ship.

  2. We loved this museum when we visited a few years ago..humbling to follow the life of one of the passengers…

  3. This museum looks very interesting and informative. Unbelievable stories of survivors. I remember when I first saw the movie when I was a kid, it impressed me so much. I wish I could visit it one day

    1. We have also visited the Maritime Museum in Halifax which has a lot of artifacts there as well. A cemetery about 30 minutes out of town has a lot buried but we didnt’ have time to visit.

  4. What a great experience. I’m glad to see it’s a kid-friendly thing to do. Do yiu think this would be good for toddlers?

    1. You might call and see if they allow strollers. There is quite a bit of walking and it’s usually crowded. There are some interactive things which could keep them interested.

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