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Laundry – A Few Tips and Hacks

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Laundry – it’s one of those things most people love or hate.  It’s not a big deal to me but you know it’s going to happen each week.  So I’ve got a few things here to maybe make your life easier for laundry – a few tips and hacks.

One of the biggest problems would be stains.  The quicker you can treat them, the less likely they will set in and possibly ruin the garment.

Treat stains ASAP.  I carry Shout wipes or a Clorox pen with me, especially on trips, so a stain won’t have time to set as much before you can take care of it.

INK – Alcohol can remove ink.  I like to use non-aerosol hair spray, but hand sanitizer can also work.  The secret to this is to spray and blot – DO NOT RUB as you are spreading the stain.  

RED WINE – blot, don’t rub as soon as possible to remove as much as possible. When blotting, place a folded paper towel under the fabric. Most people use one of two best methods – salt or club soda.

  • Salt – after blotting, cover the spot with salt and let it set overnight then launder as usual the next day.
  • Club soda – after blotting, then use this and keep blotting until the stain is out. Launder as usual.
  • Some have found success by combining these methods. After covering the spot with salt, sprinkle on just enough club soda to saturate the salt and let it set overnight.

GREASE – Rub chalk over a grease stain to absorb the grease before washing

Although these methods have worked for many people, always be aware of what caused the stain, how long it has set, what type of fabric you have, and laundry instructions – washable or dry clean.  None are guaranteed.

Are your towels feeling a bit harsh, or not absorbing as they should?  They may need a little refreshing. 

It’s easy to do, and you probably have what you need in your pantry – white vinegar and baking soda. This is also great to do when you purchase new towels.

After placing your towels in the washer, fill with hot water. As it becomes full, add 1 cup of vinegar. Let it run for just a minute, then add 1/2 cup baking soda.
Let the wash cycle run as normal, without adding any detergent or fabric softener.
Dry as normal, again, do not add fabric softener or sheets.

Place your towels and 1 cup baking soda in the machine. Fill with hot water and run about one minute. Add 2 cups of vinegar to the liquid cup and wash as normal. Again, do not add any detergent.
Dry as normal, again, do not add fabric softener or sheets.

This should refresh them but if you feel the need, a second cycle could be done.

Don’t worry, these won’t smell like vinegar.

To keep them refreshed, never use fabric softener or sheets on your towels.

Remember to rotate your towels when you put them away.  Place the freshly laundered ones at the bottom of the stack.

Follow Directions

Have you noticed all of those little symbols on your care labels?  Do you know what they mean?  Most of us don’t and it can make a difference on how to wash, dry, iron, or dry clean the item.

I’ve attached a little cheat sheet for you here. washing-symbols

Another great one to have around is a stain_removal_basics I found from Martha Stewart.

Consider printing these out and keep in your laundry area.  I have laminated mine and keep them on the wall next to the washer.

Do you want to save tons of money?  Making your own laundry detergent is the way to go.  Laundry Detergent Recipe

A few final tips.

  • To decrease drying time, add a dry like item to the dryer. Don’t add a towel to a load of black tshirts, or you may find yourself picking lint off of them.
  • Cut the dryer sheets in half or thirds. This is especially true if you are drying a small load, or like me you are using your dryer instead of an iron.
  • Kids are never too young to help. Sorting socks can teach them about finding like items. Let them carry a towel to put it up or help to fold. It might not be perfect, but they are learning responsibility. It’s amazing how many people I hear talk about having to teach their children how to do laundry before they move out or go to college.
  • If room, have several bins so you can sort your clothes as you put them in the dirty clothes. This will make your laundry day go quicker.
  • Use a mesh bag for your delicate items or socks.
  • Use a ball of aluminum foil to cut down on static.

What’s some of your favorite tips for laundry?  Or for stain removal?


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