14 Apple Cocktails For The Fall Season

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Move over pumpkin – It’s apple time.  It’s no surprise that the flavor of Fall that’s loved and craved by so many is apples. Literally, apples anything will work. Why not enjoy a few adult beverages by making them apple-friendly?  Here’s 14 Apple Cocktails For The Fall Season.  

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Imagine sitting around with your friends on a cool Fall evening and sharing some delicious homemade apple cocktails that will greet your taste buds perfectly? I, myself, can’t think of a better way to satisfy those apple needs and wants! 

These Apple Cocktails are perfect to sip, share and create and take to a gathering for others to enjoy. As long as you find them great tasting, other’s will be thankful that you went to the effort of creating to share! With so many options to choose from, you’ll never need to search for another Apple Cocktail recipe again!


14 Apple Cocktails for Fall 

  • Cinnamon Apple Cider Mimosas. When cinnamon and apple combine, it’s a match made in apple cocktail heaven.
  • Apple Cider Martini . No one can deny a good martini and with this flavorful option, you’ll feel the exact same way! 
  • Apple Cider Cranberry Sangria. Who says that Apple Cocktails can’t have other amazing flavors included? Cranberries are an awesome addition each and every time! 
  • Apple Cider Mojito.  If you have the capability to pick up some local cider, that simple addition will take this Apple Cocktail over the top!
  • Fireball Apple Cider. Combining Fireball and apple is one of those combinations that many don’t think of, but are surprised with how much they love it once they get it a sip!
  • Apple Cider Ginger Beer Cocktails. While it may sound like a mouthful to say, it’s definitely a taste and flavor that you’re mouth will enjoy! 
  • Apple Cider Whiskey Cocktail. A sipper for certain, but it’s a cocktail that’s 100% good to the last drop.
  • Hot Mulled Apple Cider Sangria. If you’re looking for a little warmth for your drink, why not give this one a try? You may find that you prefer a warmer temperature to enjoy those apple flavors! 
  • Cinnamon Roll Apple Cider Cocktail. Two tastes and flavors in life that you should enjoy together? Cimmamon roll and apple cider!
  • Skinny Apple Ginger Cocktail. It’s totally possible to enjoy your cocktail without all the extra calories and added sugar! This apple cocktail has ZERO calories!
  • Gin and Appletiser Cocktails . A fun way to taste the true flavor of apple without weighing it down with a ton of other additions. 
  • Spiced Whiskey Cider. Consider making this cocktail as a nice after dinner drink for you and your friends.
  • Apple Bomb Cocktail. I like to think that this recipe is so good, it’s the “bomb!”
  • Caramel Apple Cocktails. No Fall Apple Cocktail list would be complete without the addition of caramel apples. If you don’t like to eat them, try drinking them instead!


Celebrating Fall with these amazing Apple Cocktails seems like the perfect way to say goodbye to the summer heat, and hello to the cooler temps. (and no bugs!) With the 14 Apple Cocktails recipes listed above, you’ll have fun creating and finding the ones that compliment you and your taste buds. Remember to always make enough to share with friends because sitting around and sipping on some tasty beverages is a great way to spend a Fall evening or weekend! 

Apple Cider Cocktails

Not enough apple drink ideas – here’s a few more Apple Cider Cocktails.

Another way to enjoy – make some ahead of time and keep in the thermos for your tailgating.  

So what are you going to try first?

Not enough ideas yet – have you ever tried a CRANBERRY COCKTAIL?

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