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Peppermint Spiked Hot Chocolate

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Day 1 of 25 Days of Christmas.  When you think of flavors of Christmas what comes to mind?  Many thinks of peppermint first and it’s great to add to so many items.  With this Peppermint Spiked Hot Chocolate, it will soon become your favorite adult version for a warm drink.

This can easily be made kid-friendly with just using a little peppermint extract instead of the Peppermint Vodka.

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Making The Peppermint Spiked Hot Chocolate


spiked-pepperment-hot-chocolate-my-home-and-travels- ingredients

2 oz. Peppermint Vodka

3 oz. Instant Hot Chocolate

6 oz. Hot Milk (3/4 cup)


Favorite Toppings for Hot Chocolate

Mini Marshmallows

Whipped Creeam

Candy Canes

Crushed Peppermints

Mini Chocolate Chips



For one cup:

Heat milk in a microwave safe mug until it’s about 170 – 190 degrees, approximately 1 minute, 15 seconds.    This can depend on your microwave. 

Remove from microwave and add your Peppermint Vodka and Hot Chocolate Mix.

Stir until mix is dissolved.

Finish with your favorite toppings.

Add a candy cane and enjoy.

spiked-pepperment-hot-chocolate-my-home-and-travels-on serving tray

For more than one cup:

Heat your milk on the stovetop in a saucepan until it’s about 170 – 190 degrees.  Do not let your milk boil.

Remove from stovetop and add your Peppermint Vodka and Hot Chocolate Mix.

Stir until mix is dissolved.

Ladle into your mugs.

Finish with your favorite toppings.

Add a candy cane and enjoy.

spiked-pepperment-hot-chocolate-my-home-and-travels-reqady to serve


A few more serving ideas and hints.

Fill a thermos to enjoy at your outdoor events.  Of course, if you are driving, use precautions.

If using peppermint extract, begin with just a drop or two.  The extract can be very strong and can vary by brands.

Measure your hot chocolate mix if using packets – the weight can vary by brands.

3 oz of mix equals 6 Tablespoons


If you want to make Hot Chocolate for a crowd, try this in the easy and rich recipe in Crock Pot.

You could always add a little Peppermint Vodka or Extract to a cup.

easy and rich crock pot hot chocolate my home and travels ready to serve


Here’s a few things which are great to have on hand for your hot chocolate making, or consider as gifts when making a hot chocolate gift basket.  If you order from here, I do receive a small commission, but it doesn’t change your prices.  See the full explanation HERE.

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  1. I don’t drink so I love the peppermint essence idea. So many tasty things to try this Christmas!

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