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Last Minute Halloween Treats

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Just a few days til Halloween but you still have time to make these tasty last minute Halloween treats.

One secret to making these easy is by using premade items such as Little Debbie Snack Cakes and Rice Krispey Treats.

You could start making a new tradition with your kids of just gathering up all of your sprinkles, jimmies, and candy melts and have a fun afternoon. Think like when you go to decorate sugar cookies or a gingerbread house at Christmas, anything goes. Be cautious though of when melting the chocolate it does become hot, so always adult supervision is needed for this part.

Getting ready – always follow directions on your bag of candy melts for melting. I usually prefer a double boiler if I’m doing several projects.


What you need:
Little Debbie Swiss Rolls or other rectangular snack cakes
Candy melts – your color choice – melted
Assorted sprinkles & jimmies
Candy eyes
Candy Corn
Pretzel Sticks
Popsicle/craft sticks

Who doesn’t love Swiss Rolls? When unwrapping these, try not to let that thin outer layer of chocolate come off.

Insert a popsicle/craft stick about half way into one end of the Swiss Roll. Refrigerate for about 15 minutes or freeze for 5 minutes so that outside layer of chocolate will firm up or you may have trouble with the candy melts sticking to it.

Your Swiss Rolls can either be dipped into the melted candy or as I did for this project, I just spooned it over the rolls while they were on a rack. While this is still soft, dip the end into your choice of sprinkles. Add eyes and a couple chocolate sprinkles for a mouth. Candy corn or pretzel sticks, which have been broken in half then can be inserted into the side.


What you need:
Marshmallows – regular is what I used. There’s also giant size available.
Candy melts – your color choice – melted
Assorted sprinkles & jimmies
Lollipop sticks or heavy paper straws (cut in half)

Super easy to do.

Dip the end of a lollipop stick into a little of the melted chocolate then into the marshamallow. Let this set for about 3 – 5 minutes to harden. This prevents the stick from coming out as easily.

Dip into any colored melts and sprinkles.

Be creative.


What you need:
Striped shortbread cookies
Candy melts – chocolate – melted
Pastry bag or freezer ziplock bag*
Assorted sprinkles & jimmies
Hershey Kisses – unwrapped

These are so cute.

Allow your melted chocolate to cool just a little so it’s not too hot in the pastry bag.

Starting off with these shortbread cookies is a real time saver. 

Turn your cookie face down.

Squeeze a small mound in the middle of the cookie.

Immediately place a Kiss on this mound allowing a bit of the chocolate to ooze out.

Add your choice of sprinkles.

If you don’t have a pastry bag, use a freezer zip-lock bag (not a regular one as freezer bags are stronger). Spoon a small amount of chocolate into the bag and clip one corner, very slightly. Remember you can always cut it off a bit more if needed.


What you need:
Rice Krispy treats
Popsicle/craft stick
Candy melts – white – melted
Pastry bag
Candy eyes

Starting with a pre-made rice krispy treat, made these even easier.

Insert stick about half way into treat.

If you do these on a baking rack, it will work better for you.

Spread a thin coat of the melted chocolate over the treat to just cover it. It’s kind of like doing a crumb coat on a cake.

Place in the freezer for about 5 minutes to firm.

You will need to let your chocolate cool to about room temperature before putting it into your pastry bag.

This is so that when you are making the “fabric” of your mummy it will hold it’s shape.

Squeeze your chocolate back and forth across the treat to add as much dimension as you like.

Immediately add eyes.

If you see the chocolate isn’t holding it’s shape, wait just a minute and you should be fine.

Aren’t these as easy as I said?



What you need:
Pretzel rods
Candy melts – your color choice – melted
Assorted sprinkles & jimmies
Assorted candy pieces (such as those from the Sugar Shoppe)

Dip the rods or spoon the melted chocolate over about half of the rod.

Add the decorations of your choice.

ALL of these treats should be stored in an air-tight container.

Candy melts – your color choice – melted
Assorted sprinkles & jimmies

Look around your local area for a one-stop baking shop, such as The Sugar Shoppe here in Chattanooga. It’s one of the only stores around which offer everything for your baking or candy making needs, custom decorated cakes and supplies. They just recently moved back onto East Brainerd Road. Classes should be offered after the holidays.

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  1. These are some easy and fun treats to make. My kids love making pretzel rods in different colors. I like the idea of the monster pops with the swiss rolls. I would have never thought of that.

  2. Halloween is so fun! All the creatures and those eye balls we get to play with. I made the hats a few years ago but I like the sprinkles you put on yours. I wish I could run out now for the Swiss roll monsters.

  3. Those monster rolls and witchy hat they look so lovely, kids will definitely like them. Saving your recipe coz even its not Halloween, we can do these!

  4. Hello, Rosemary.

    I love every single dessert recipes you have here. If I was a child, I would probably say, “I want Halloween all year round.” Haha. Thank you for sharing your recipes. I will definitely try it next time.

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